Letter of Support for Campus Labor Unions

The following letter was sent on May 1st, 2019:

Dear President Zimmer and Provost Diermeier,

It is our understanding that several groups of representatives of campus unions are delivering letters to you and other University officials today, affirming their continuing demands. The University of Chicago Advocacy Chapter of the American Association of University Professors stands in solidarity with these groups and all our labor unions. We call on our administration to treat all campus workers, nonacademic and academic alike, with respect, and to bring to negotiations with labor unions a spirit of cooperation and shared mission.

We also reaffirm our position that it is incumbent on the University of Chicago to recognize Graduate Students United as our democratically-elected graduate student worker union, and that to fail to do so puts our institution into moral, intellectual, and practical peril, as noted in several petitions, and most recently in the Statement of Concerned Faculty in Support of Graduate Students United.


      The UChicago Advocacy Chapter of the AAUP

      Anton Ford, Elaine Hadley, Denis Hirschfeldt, Willemien Otten, and Ken Warren, officers